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Township Board

All Township Board Members are elected and serve for four years.  The terms are not staggered and the election is held the same year as the Presidential election.  All meetings are held at the Township Hall, located at 7275 West Main Street.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is made up of six members from the community and one Township Board Member. The Planning Commission receives staff support from the Planning Department. The Planning Commission is responsible for maintaining the Master Land Use Plan, a living document that expresses the community’s vision for the future of Oshtemo. The Plan was originally adopted in 1993, the most recent amendment occurred in 2003.

The Zoning Ordinance is the tool to implement the Master Land Use Plan. Accordingly, all land use proposals and rezoning requests are reviewed to ensure consistency with both the Zoning Ordinance and the Master Land Use Plan. Occasionally it is appropriate to amend the Master Land Use Plan to ensure that still reflects the type of community Oshtemo residents enjoy now and/or desire for the future.

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  • Alistair Smith

  • Anna Versalle

  • Deb Everett

  • Chetan Vyas

  • Bruce Vanderweele

  • Micki Maxwell

  • Kizzy Bradford (TB Liason)

  • Iris Lubbert (Staff)

  • Jim Porter (Staff Attorney)

Zoning Board of Appeals

The basic responsibilities of the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) includes:  variance requests, site plan review of permitted uses, ordinance interpretation, and appeals of administrative decisions.  The ZBA is made up of five members, two of which are liaisons from the Planning Commission and the Township Board.  All meetings are held at the Township Hall, located at 7275 West Main Street.

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  • Neil Sikora

  • Fred Antosz

  • Anita Smith

  • Fred Gould (1st alternate)

  • Ollie Chambers (2nd alternate)

  • Micki Maxwell (PC Liason)

  • Dusty Farmer (TB Liason)

  • Iris Lubbert (Staff)

  • Jim Porter (Attorney)

Board of Review

March Board of Review (BOR)

The Board of Review meets in March annually to review the property assessment roll prepared by the Township Assessor, to hear appeals from property owners, and to correct the assessment rolls, if necessary.  Appointed by the Township Board, its citizen members serve two (2) year terms.  Per statute, the BOR meets at least 12 hours during a March week selected by the State. At least 3 of those 12 hours must be after 6 p.m. to better accommodate schedules.

The Board of Review meets at the Oshtemo Township offices, 7275 West Main Street.   Call the Assessor’s office at (269) 216-5225 or email for an appointment.

July & December Board of Review

The July and December Board of Review can only address Clerical Errors and Mistakes of Fact related to real and personal property assessments. Appeals may also be heard for current year only Poverty Exemption requests. The Board of Review may also consider current and up to 3 years prior of Homeowner’s Principal Residence Exemption affidavit requests where no previous affidavit was filed and denied. Veterans Exemption requests can also be heard for the current year only. The July and December Board of Reviews are prohibited from hearing property valuation disputes. Please call the Assessor’s Office at (269) 216-5225 or email with questions or information requests.

View Board Members and Meeting Dates

  • Fred Gould

  • Kitty Gelling

  • Neil Sikora

  • Kim Bourner (1st alternate)

  • Fred Antosz (2nd alternate)

  • Libby Heiny‐Cogswell

  • Kristine Biddle (Staff)

2021 March Board of Review Dates

Monday, March 8: 9am-12pm & 1pm-4pm

Tuesday, March 9: 1pm-4pm & 6pm-9pm

Wednesday, March 10: 9am-12pm & 1pm-4pm

Thursday, March 11: 1pm-4pm

Downtown Development Authority

A Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is a tool, established by the Michigan Legislature, that helps local communities become pro active in halting property value decline and/or helps a particular business area keep up with other areas of the community experiencing growth and/or reinvestment. Its establishment permits the capture and use of future tax increment funds generated in the area for improvements to the area.

The DDA was established by the Township Board on January 27, 2004. The DDA Board of Directors consists of the Township Supervisor and 12 members appointed by the Township Board.

They are responsible for the formulation and implementation of the Tax Increment Financing and Development Plan regarding the use of captured tax dollars in the DDA area, subject to Township Board approval.

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  • Jack Siegel

  • Bruce Betzler

  • Grant Taylor

  • Dick Skalski

  • Themi Corakis

  • Rich MacDonald

  • Ryan Wieber

  • Bill Cekola

  • Libby Heiny‐Cogswell (Twp Supervisor)

  • Iris Lubbert (Staff)

Capital Improvements Committee

The committee’s charge is to coordinate and fund capital improvement projects which make the best use of limited public dollars. Annually the CIC will develop a list of capital expenditures for the township, in the form of a Capital Improvement Plan and forward it to the Township Board for adoption.

Sewer & Water

The CIC will consider water and sewer improvements, develop the water and sewer long-range capital improvement plan, and hear appeals. The CIC will review proposed sewer and water rate increases, policy changes, and ordinance amendments. After completing their review, recommendations will be presented to the Township Board.


The upkeep of the local and primary roads is the responsibility of the Kalamazoo County Road Commission. However, the Township has authority to assist in the upkeep and maintenance of these roads. In addition, the oversight and control of the road rights-of-way, to deal with utilities, as well as traffic issues (including truck routes), rests with the Township.

The CIC will review the condition of the local roads, and after conferring with the Kalamazoo County Road Commission, make recommendations for needed improvements as funding is available.

The funding for these road projects comes from the following sources: The Kalamazoo County Road Commission receives Act 51 monies to maintain all the roads in the County. The Kalamazoo County Road Commission provides matching funds to assist with certain local road projects. The Township receives no direct state or local funding, and therefore uses General Fund monies and special assessments from property owners to support local road projects.

Sidewalk & Trail

The CIC will work to prioritize and implement the “Non-Motorized Facilities Plan”. If considered a trail, the CIC will work with the Parks Committee to implement the project.

Park Committee

The Park Committee consists of two Township Board members, two Citizen Representatives, and Township Staff.   They oversee the development of the Townships two parks, by responding to public interest and use of the Recreation Plan. Yearly development plans are created and a budget is prepared with monies transferred from the General Fund. There is no direct millage for Park development and maintenance. When a project is identified and estimates are obtained, a recommendation is sent to the Township Board.

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Friends of the Parks

The Mission of the citizen volunteers of Oshtemo Friends of the Parks is to promote the expanded stewardship and preservation of natural features within the community, to further the development and maintenance of existing and future parks in keeping with adopted park plans, and to effectively advocate Township parks as community resources for all to enjoy.

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  • David Walsh

  • Bruce Dannenhauer

  • Dennis Patzer

  • Deb Everett

  • Vacancy

  • Cheri Bell (TB Liaison)

  • Libby Heiny-Cogswell (TB Liaison)

  • Karen High (Staff)

South Drake Road Corridor Improvement Authority (SoDA)

A corridor improvement authority (CIA) is a tool, established by the Michigan Legislature to assist local communities with funding improvements in a commercial corridor by permitting the capture and use of future tax increment funds generated in the designated area.

The SoDA was established by the Township Board on March 18, 2014.  The Board of Directors consists of the Township Supervisor and eight members; the majority must represent the designated area, appointed by the Township Board.

They are responsible for the formulation and implementation fo the Development and Tax Increment Financing plans, subject to Township Board approval.

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  • Galen Rike (Resident)

  • Joe Gesmundo, AVB (Developer)

  • Christine Tooman Morse (County Rep)

  • Corey Ashley, Grp. Mktg. Cvcs., (Business Rep)

  • Kelly Bringman, Nottingham Apts. (Mgr)

  • Dennis Patzer, At Large (School Admin)

  • Theresa Spurr (Spurr Dental)

  • Vacancy

  • Libby Heiny-Cogswell (Twp Board Liaison)

  • Iris Lubbert (Staff)

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