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The mission of Fire Corps is to increase the capacity of volunteer, career, and combination fire and EMS departments through the use of citizen advocates. Fire Corps provides resources for departments to utilize citizen advocates in non-operational roles so they can develop, implement, and sustain programs and services that will help their department meet the needs of their community.

Fire Corps is a citizen based, volunteer organization designed to provide non-operational services to the local fire department and community. The volunteers can fill a wide verity of roles within the organization, for example: Public Education, Rehab on fire scenes, Photography and many more. Volunteers will receive training in fire department operations, Incident Command System, Educational methodology, and Fire Safety Principles.

Our Fire Corps program would like to begin developing two areas of focus; photography and public education.


Photographers would be responsible for keeping a photographic journal of the Oshtemo Fire department. This means these Fire Corps volunteers would respond to emergencies to photograph our department personnel at work. They will also attend our training events not only to photograph our department personnel mastering their craft but to become familiar with fire ground operations. All the photography equipment will be provided to include cameras, lenses, carrying cases, and any safety equipment necessary to complete their jobs.

Public Educators

Public Educators would be a proactive supplementation to our, already existing Fire Prevention program. Public education volunteers would seek out local business and organizations to arrange a variety of fire prevention and safety seminars. They would then accompany the Fire Department to these businesses and organizations to help educate and demonstrate fire prevention and safety. Public educators would be required to become familiar with fire department procedures and equipment to assist in educating the public on what it is their Fire Department does and how it does it. All the public education training, material and equipment will be provided by the fire department.

Anyone interested in becoming an Oshtemo Fire Corps volunteer should fill out an application by downloading the application found below.

Fire Corps Application Packet

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