Go! Green Oshtemo – 5 Year Parks and Recreation Master Plan 2019-2023 | Oshtemo Township
Photo: Numerous friends and family enjoying themselves in one of Oshtemo's park

Friends and family enjoying themselves in a local park

Oshtemo Township continues to grow—in population, housing, and other development.  Simultaneously, the Township is hearing community requests for more trails, natural features and open space conservation, and park amenities.  People are asking for a quality of life that is connected by sidewalks and paths, and more thoughtful about the landscape.  This led to the adoption of the GO! Green Oshtemo Plan.

This plan addresses parks, recreation, nonmotorized transportation, and conservation.  


GO! Green Oshtemo Master Plan Documents:

Appendix A – Existing Conditions Inventory

Appendix B – Trends and Needs Overview

Appendix C – Public Input Summary

Appendix D – Parks Action Plan

Appendix E – Nonmotorized Action Plan

Appendix F – Conservation Action Plan

Appendix G – Collective Plan Goals

Appendix H-Administrative Structure

Appendix I – Resolution of Adoption

Appendix J – Parks Plan and Maps

Appendix K – Non-Motorized Specific Corridor Recommendations

Appendix L- Capital Improvement Plan

Appendix M-Complete Streets Policy





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